90 Day One-on-One Coaching Program

(8 sessions, plus 3 on-demand calls or texts)


Do you lay awake at night thinking about the areas in your life

that overwhelm you?


Are you craving to live in a space of harmony but need help to achieve it and see what to prioritize?


Do you have goals but aren't sure how to get from A-to-Dreams?

I can help!


The THRIVE! Package is for people just like you.

People with hopes and dreams. People who know something needs to change but already have a full plate, or don't know where to begin. People who want to thrive in all areas of life, but know they need a guide, support system and a roadmap to get started and go the distance.

In the 90-Day Thrive! One-on-One Coaching Package, I'll help you:

  • Discover the #1 key to achieve better life balance/harmony

  • Confidently set priorities and follow through

  • Establish healthy boundaries and support in all relationships

  • Find peace

  • Relieve stress and gain vibrant energy

  • Proclaim, "I love my life!"

Personal Growth

What's Included In the Thrive! Package?

  1. An initial 60-90 min. Stop the Overwhelm and Begin to Thrive! coaching call

  2. Two - 50 min. one-on-one coaching calls per month (3 months, 6 calls)

  3. Additional three, 15 min. "on demand" calls or texts when you feel stuck

  4. 1 Bonus 50 min. "Healthy Life Plan for Vibrancy 101" coaching call

  5. Easy-to-use Templates, Exercises and additional videos for support                  

Example Video Topics to choose from:

  • Simplify Your Life

  • Unearth And Implement Your True Values

  • Zap The Tolerations!

  • Create Healthy Boundaries in All Relationships

  • Clear The Past

  • Goals, Plan, Action!

  • Healthy Life Plan 101 Templates

6.  BONUS: Free Ebook, Positive Boundaries: A Guidebook To Setting Healthy Boundaries                      With People In Your Life

7.  BONUS: Powerful, Stress-free Meditations, Exercises and Brain Training Tools




2 payments of $619.00

Hi there! When you schedule your free discovery call, I'll send out an application form so I can gain a better understanding of your goals, pain points, and how my work can best serve you before the call.