Stories from the Road: A Dog Named Max

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Tom and I were sitting on the back deck of a restaurant in Breckenridge, CO, when a distinguished couple sat down at the table next to us. Their giant Bernese Mountain dog, Max, got our attention since we used to have a black lab with the same name.

Asking if we could pet Max, we struck up a conversation.

Originally from the south, the couple always had the dream of living in Colorado, but job opportunities didn't allow for it. One year, the husband was offered a position in their desired mountain town, but it fell through last minute. Disheartened, they took up residence in a southern state they weren't as thrilled with. They knew the career move could lead to better things.

They decided to "let go" of their constant search for jobs and houses out west and to immerse themselves in their new city.

Within three years, with twists and turns they never saw coming, they were finally able to realize their Colorado dream. They settled in Grand Junction and are now pursuing life-long passions.

The conversation ended with these old words of wisdom: "Sometimes, it's when you let go that everything works out."

And sometimes that's true.

I walked away asking myself if there was anything I needed to "let go" of.

How about you?