~Coaching Testimonial~

"Chris, has a gift to listen and let the issues in your heart rise to the surface, allowing you to connect dots and draw lines that you already desire or know, but need a coach to walk you to the top of your game!  She is extremely insightful and discerning, and will enlighten things that need clarity, pruning, or a greater expanse in vision. She'll help get you moving in the right direction and setting a course of action which resonates an exhilarating YES, I can!


I am a woman with executive ownership in global responsibilities (in areas of both work and faith), as well as having a number-one commitment to my husband, family, and friends. In the fullness of these responsibilities, days can be daunting. Many times I've felt I was not doing what I really wanted and was getting lost in the midst of it all.  


Chris, helped me in a paradigm shift to transition the mindset of feeling like I am always in an olive press and carrying a heavy burden, to a light load of joy that says, "But what if it isn’t hard?  What if I can easily do this? What do I really want and how do I get there?  What if I can dream and reach deep treasures in my heart to aspire to while I have all these responsibilities?  What if I learn new daily tactics to get the best results of my days (and quality in my relationships) to launch my life-long dreams through new strategic and destined goals? "


I would recommend this time to anyone who wants to prioritize and maximize their time to seek the most contentment and fulfillment in their life, and to truly connect with their divine destiny. Enjoy the ride!" ~ Jewels Niccum, NCCMTF.org

Life Coach Chris Clements

You know it's time for a change.


  • Some nights you lay in bed overwhelmed with areas of your life.  

  • You wish you had a guide to help you prioritize, dream, and implement.

  • You need help determining the action steps it takes to turn the tide.

  • You know there's something more, but you can't put your finger on it.

  • You're entering a new season and want to discover a new purpose.


Let's work together! I love to help people and businesses thrive while running in their unique calling.


Check out my Life Coaching Packages below.



This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.


I offer a free 20 minute discovery call to discuss what working together will be like.



1 - 50 min. Coaching Session

Phone or Zoom


Catered to your specific situation.

  • Need to define your dreams?

  • Find balance?

  • Set priorities?

  • Find your purpose for this next season?

  • Improve relationships?


Let's get it done!

Includes one follow-up e-mail or text support.

(Check out the Thrive Package for even more support.)



or 2 payments of 619.00

90 Day Program

8 sessions

  • Discover the #1 key to better life balance 

  • Confidently set priorities 

  • Establish healthy boundaries and support in relationships

  • Gain the peace that comes from knowing you’re doing exactly what you’re born to do right now.

  • Relieve stress and gain vibrant energy

  • Be able to proclaim, “I love my life!”