Short Bio for Promo:

Chris Clements is a Life Coach, national speaker, and author who just released her first full-length non-fiction book, Adventures With God: A Journey Into Love And Acceptance.


Married to her silver fox, Tom, for over 30 years, they enjoy spending time with their two adult children. Chris is passionate about encouraging others to partner with their Divine Identity to live life fully and impact their sphere of influence.


Formerly business owners from Wisconsin, Chris and Tom now make their home near Nashville, TN, and travel the country for Tom's fine art photography business and Chris's events. 



Longer Bio in Chris's words:

It matters to me that people thrive.


Life is too short to not have a sense of purpose, peace, and abundance.


A few years ago, my husband Tom and I found ourselves at a crossroads. Owning a brick and mortar oil business for most of our careers, we sensed there was something more. A new season was on the horizon as we entered our empty nest years, and a landscape of choice opened up.


Within one year, we sold the business, packed up our Wisconsin household, and moved to Tennessee to pursue our new passions.


We travel over thirty weeks a year for one of our events, and I coach and write from the road or my home office. I've met so many fascinating people, and it's truly an honor to work with them!

I have a few things I'm passionate about, and they fit into three categories: Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Body: I'm passionate about clean eating (mostly) and moving my limbs in one form another every day. You can find Tom and me walking our neighborhood the mornings we're home, or finding great hiking trails when we're on the road. I travel with a blender to make healthy smoothies and look for raw juice bars in every city, so I don't come off the road bloated and sluggish.

Soul: I'm passionate about being in harmony with my soul as much as my body. I love to learn, mull over great writings, create, putz, allow myself to be human, enjoy my relationships, let my emotions surface so I can put them in proper perspective, and work with such integrity that others are happy to have me in the room. Coaching women and men to find their purpose (and work they love) also falls into this category.

Spirit: I'm passionate about God. But not the god of religion. So many folks I've talked to have negative experiences with church or Christians, and that experience gets tied into their belief about God. Which makes sense. I often find myself saying, "But that's not the God I'm getting to know." It's why I wrote the book. I share similar experiences and relay how God surprised me with a journey that is nothing like my past experiences.

I also love to feed my spirit regularly. Relationship with God is exactly that: a relationship. It's not about a duty checklist. I see my faith-walk as one that grows and expands every day if I let it. God isn't stagnate, and our relationship with Him shouldn't be, either.

Music is a passion that fits into all three categories. As a singer/songwriter, my body, soul, and spirit are fed when I perform and interact with the audience. (Same goes for speaking engagements.) While music is a side-hobby these days, I still love every minute of it whenever I get the chance to sing and play my guitar or keys.

My bottom-line motivation in life is to help others thrive in all of the areas above. It's what makes me tick.

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